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Fair Market Tax Deduction

Boats with Causes offers an easy way to donate boat to charity. All proceeds go straight to helping the "With Causes" charitable organization. Fishing boats sailboats and other vessel donations.

When you donate your used boat you relieve yourself of the high costs and receive a tax deduction, free vacation voucher and you directly help the With Causes Charitable network. Boats , Personal Watercraft ,  Outboard Motors and Boat Trailers all accepted as charity donations. 
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We have a team of volunteers ready to help you donate boat to charity and offer 100% free towing. We will also supply you with all of the necessary legal paperwork so you can claim your tax deductible charitable boat donation and receive your free vacation.

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Charity Boat Donations with Boats with Causes

Welcome to Boats with Causes, part of the With Causes charitable network. We're a charity that has a focus on meeting a variety of needs for those in our communities that need a helping hand. 100% of your donation goes straight to the "With Causes" charity to help further benefit our communities. Boat Donation

Most of you have come to this website because you want to donate boats. We make it incredibly easy for you to donate boats such as sail boats, motor boats, jet skis, fishing boats or yachts. Boats with Causes has a team of volunteers ready to help you with any questions you may have, 7 days a week. Call Toll Free (888)-228-7320

You may be considering another charity - and that's great, you should.

There are some outstanding charities out there that benefit the world in a variety of positive ways. Unfortunately though many of them are not setup to handle boat donations. Also these days you don't know where the proceeds from your charity donation are really going. Unfortunately there are many "businesses" popping up that act as a middleman under the guise of a charitable organization. This means you are donating to a company that can take up to 90% of the proceeds before giving a penny to charity.

Boats with Causes is part of the "With Causes" charitable organization and 100% of your donation goes to support this charity. The “With Causes” charitable organization recognizes the needs of others, involves itself in meeting those needs with a growing body of volunteers, and affiliates who give freely of their time and efforts. The With Causes charitable network includes five caring organizations and is continually striving to create new charitable and benevolent programs and services that address the contemporary needs of those less fortunate. With Causes clients range from social service agencies to private non-profit agencies, hospitals and more importantly individuals with special needs including victims of crime, those with physical challenges and victims of discrimination.

Why Donate Boats to Boats with Causes?

When you donate boats to Boats with Causes you are helping yourself as well as many people throughout the United States. You will receive a generous Tax write off and also receive a deluxe vacation voucher. Boats with Causes will do all of the work. Our team of volunteers will pick up your boat donation anywhere in the United States even if you no longer have a title. Plus since we are the actual charity, you get to feel confident your donation is going directly to those that need it most rather than donating to some middleman who takes up to 80% of the profits themselves before giving any to charity.

Having trouble trying to sell your boat by yourself? One of the main reasons people decide to donate their boat with us is because they are tired of trying to sell the boat themselves. As we all know, BOAT stands for "Break" "Out" "Another" Thousand" and any boat owner know this is true. Unless you have a storage facility on your property, you have to pay to have the boat stored during every season, whether you use it or not. With rising gas prices, many are starting to not even use their boats for recreational activities which means the boat just sits there and starts to lose value. The next step is trying to sell the boat which means more money out of your pocket and wasted time. Placing expensive classified ads to sell your used boat and then getting phone calls at midnight and speaking with dreamers just causes more frustration than is deserved. Donating is extremely fast and simple with us.

Donate boats directly to charity! Call 888-228-7320 Toll Free Now!

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Read what donors say about Boats with Causes

I know I told you already but I really want to say you guys are fantastic once again. I was trying to sell my 24' SunTracker Party Barge for over 4 months with no luck at all. My friend Randy told me to just donate this used boat and use it as a deduction for my taxes. I asked around and everyone I spoke with suggested Boats with Causes so I gave you guys a call. You made this whole process very easy and I even got to go to Hawaii! That's one of the real reasons I am writing. I was a little skeptical about the whole free vacation thing. You assured me it wasn't a timeshare selling gimmick and stood by your word. We had an incredible hotel right on the beach. I also went fishing and think I may be in the market for a used fishing boat soon. I thank you and wish you and your cause the best...... Daniel P - Orlando Florida

Hi Guys, I wanted to thank you once again for helping us with our abandoned boat problem here at our boat yard in New Jersey. After adding the section to our contract stating all vessels left on our premises with no payment for 180 days results in an automatic donation to charity, we seem to be getting paid on time now. We of course have those that do not pay also and you have made it very easy to donate those boats to your charity. I would strongly recommend any marina or boat storage facility use Boats with Causes as a tool to better their business..... Rob S - Boat New Jersey

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I easily donated my Searay and boat trailer after trying to sell my boat for too long. You guys made the whole process really easy and the boat was gone in only 2 days. I also donated a Chrysler to you and feel confident I made the right choice in donating with you. All the best..... Ben S - San Francisco

My family somehow accumulated 4 sailboats here in San Diego and we obviously didn't need them all. I googled you guys and compared you to a couple other charities. I called you up and spoke with Cameron and the donation was arranged. I told him the boat had to be moved because it was illegally moored here in the San Diego Bay. Within 24 hours the boat was moved and we feel relieved. I am also looking forward to the cruise you gave us. Thanks..... Connor I - San Diego

We upgraded to a bigger fishing boat and my husband was unable to sell our other boat as easy as he was thinking it would be. I think he spent around $200 in gas and over 20 hours of his time over the last 5 months and everyone was just looking for a free boat ride or something. I found you online, filled out the boat donation form and within 2 hours someone called back and arranged for the free pick up. Everything was very professional and we received a nice tax break..... Nicki  - Boston Massachusetts

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Boats with Causes is a division of the non profit With Causes Charitable Network

2017 Boats with Causes is the source to donate boat and other watercraft directly to charity.